Cars/Vehicles Taxes Laws in South Korea:

Cars/Vehicles Taxes Laws in South Korea:

South Korea has a lot of laws related to vehicles and cars taxes. There are different laws for the new cars that you buy from a showroom and other laws for the cars that you buy from a local or from a used cars seller. 인천운전연수 Following these vehicle tax laws is important to make sure that you can avoid late fees and extra fines. Read the article below to know more about used cars taxes and new cars taxes. 

Taxes on Registration For New Cars:

Whenever you buy a new car, you will have to get it registered first. After the registration, the process of taxation will kick-start. The first tax that you will have to pay is to register your car. There are different levels of taxes that you will have to pay. If you are a Korean, you will have no problem going to the local vehicle registration office. But if you are a foreigner, you must be accompanied by a local translator. Here is a list of cars taxes that you will have to pay. Also, keep in mind that you must register your vehicle under your name within 15 days of your contract signing. If you fail to do so, you will be fined additionally. Here are some of the taxes that you will be paying while buying a car. 장롱면허운전연수

 Acquisition tax (2%).

Registration tax (5%).

Urban railway bond (20%)

Required Documents For Registration:

When you go to register your car, you will have to accompany some documentation as well. These documents will prove that you are buying this car against this much amount.

Automobile Manufacturing Certificate.

Driving Permit.

Alien Registration Card.

Insurance Certificate.

driving car cars taxes list

Taxes on Registration For Used Cars:

If you are a foreigner who is looking for a used car in Korea then you should know that there are different rules. First, you should know that in Korea, car dealers will not be doing the registration work as they are not responsible for it. Also, you will have to do this part on your own. You should visit the local registration office with a translator and get your vehicle registered yourself. Driver must register your car within 15 days otherwise you will be fined for not completing your paperwork. The following are taxes on used cars. 

Acquisition tax (2%).

Registration tax (5%).

Urban railway bond (6%)

Required Documents For Registration:

It is important to carry all the required documents with you while going to the local vehicle registration office. You should carry these documents for a used car that you want to get registered in your name. 

Vehicle Registration Card

Alien Registration Card

Bill of Sale

Seal Registration Card 


Even if you are a local in Korea or a foreigner, you will have to register your vehicle first. After the registration, the vehicle taxation process will start and you will have to pay the required amount to get your vehicle on the road. Other than these cars taxes, there are different fines for violation of traffic laws. That is why you should follow the traffic laws while on the road.