Factors to Consider When Shopping For Protein Powder

When shopping for protein powder, there are a number of factors to consider. Biological value is the amount of protein that is absorbed and converted into body proteins. The biological value, however, does not take into account the digestion of protein, which can alter the value. Another measure of protein quality is the protein digestibility corrected amino acid score, which is based on the amino acid requirements of young children. This measure is becoming the preferred standard when it comes to evaluating the quality 단백질보충제순위 of protein.

Heavy metals

A recent study analyzed the amount of heavy metals in protein powders and found that 40 per cent of these products contained elevated levels of metals. The highest levels of heavy metals were found in organic protein powders, which were twice as likely to contain lead than non-organic powders. The researchers also found traces of arsenic, mercury, pesticides, and cadmium in most of the powders. However, the study found that non-organic products had a lower amount of heavy metals than those made from egg protein.

Heavy metals are naturally occurring in soil and water. Most vegetables and fruits contain some amount of these metals. And they’re also present in tap water. However, protein powders often don’t list these levels on the label. They’re present because they’re absorbed by plants, and crops grown in heavily polluted soils contain higher levels of metals than those grown in clean soil. Luckily, there are ways to avoid these levels without compromising your health.

Artificial flavors

If you are looking to make a protein shake mix, you should be careful not to add artificial flavors. Many of these ingredients are synthetic, and some are even known to cause health problems, including asthma. You can easily avoid these ingredients by choosing those without artificial flavors. Some protein powders contain as many as eight artificial flavors, so be sure to read the label carefully.

One of the most common artificial flavors used in protein powders is aspartame, which has more than 200 times the sweetness of sugar. Though it is safe for consumption, research has found that it may pose some health risks to individuals with certain conditions, like phenylketonuria.

Biological value

The biological value of protein powder is determined by its amino acid composition. Proteins with a high biological value are more effective than those with low biological value. Proteins with low biological value will be ineffective because unused amino acids are quickly flushed from the body. The biological value of protein powders should not be less than the biological value of beef, chicken, or fish.

Biological value is measured as a percentage, ranging from 0 to 100. It reflects how well proteins in food are utilized by the body. The higher the biological value, the higher the quantity of essential amino acids it contains. Proteins from animal sources have a higher biological value than those from vegetable sources, which lack essential amino acids.


Buying protein powder in bulk will lower the price per serving. Many protein powder manufacturers offer significant discounts for repeat orders. You can also save money by signing up for a monthly subscription. Many companies also offer free shipping. However, this method can only lower the price of one serving of protein powder by a small amount. However, it is important to consider the quality of the protein powder you are purchasing. You should also consider the ingredients used in making the powder.

The process of manufacturing protein powder is expensive. It requires specialized equipment and ingredients. It begins with the sourcing of raw ingredients and transportation to the manufacturing facility. The ingredients are then mixed and processed into powder form. After this, the protein powder is packaged and shipped to the retail store.

Place to buy

If you’re looking for protein powder, you can find it at a variety of places. For example, Target carries more than 200 different brands. Some are even available for same-day shipping. You can also buy protein powder in-store and pick it up the same day. Other options include Walmart, which stocks over 1,000 different types of protein powder.

Besides supplying your body with the essential nutrients, protein powder also suppresses appetite and supplies it with the nutrients it needs to burn fat. When choosing a protein powder, always check the ingredients and serving instructions. Moreover, make sure the product you purchase is not contaminated with banned substances. If you’re not sure about the ingredients, you can always consult an organization called Informed Sports.