How to Have a Safe House Move

If you are planning to relocate your house during the coronavirus pandemic, you must take the necessary precautions. The best way to ensure your safety is to hire a moving company with a pandemic safety policy. Only this way can you have a safe house move. However, precautions will not guarantee you complete safety.

Hiding places

Unlike the basement, attics are difficult to break into and can serve as strong deterrents against burglars. When placing a safe in the attic, be sure to keep the ladder away and lock the hatch with a padlock. You can also disguise the safe by placing it inside a cardboard box, winter clothing, or similar items.

When selecting hiding places, you’ll want to keep in mind three things: where you want to hide valuables, who you’d like to hide them from, and 포장 이사 what you need to hide. If you have many valuable items, pick multiple hiding places and don’t keep the same items in all of them.

Hiding places in a safe house

Hiding places are important for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners use a safe, but they should also keep valuables hidden in common places around the house. Some of these common hiding places are drawers beneath a dresser or behind hanging clothes. Walls can also have hidden compartments. Thieves know that most of these places are easy to spot, so it’s vital to choose a secure hiding place. Invest in a safe if you’re worried about losing valuables.

Hiding places in a safe house are often hidden in the most inconspicuous places. For instance, hiding a small safe inside an old vacuum cleaner or computer tower is an effective solution. You can also conceal your safe in a plant pot by adding a fake bottom.

Hidden places in a safe house

There are several places in your house that are obvious hiding places for valuables. For example, under the bed frame or in pull-out drawers. Another good hiding place is under the mattress. Many bed frames include under-mattress storage that comes with a lift mechanism for easy access.

Ideally, your safe should be in a place where burglars will spend little time. Besides, burglars would rather not risk being caught. If you want to hide your valuables in a less obvious location, you can put them in your attic. Likewise, you can place them in the garage, which is usually one of the least secure areas in a house. This is because most people leave their garage doors open and 이사 비용 leave them unlocked, so burglars can easily remove them.

Social distancing

Keeping a safe distance from others can help protect you against illnesses like COVID-19. This virus can be passed from one person to another through close contact. Social distancing is especially important for those who are more susceptible to the illness. Changing to a new place can be difficult, but you can adjust.

Despite social distancing, some people can’t be fully isolated from others. Hence, it’s important to plan ahead to minimize the possibility of stress. This can include taking care of physical needs and contacting psychosocial support services. Using a safe house moving strategy can prevent social issues from ruining your house move.