Driving training: 10 tips driver should know

Driving training involves a set of rules and skills that will help you become an expert driver. Before you start your lessons, it is important to know a few tricks that will make your journey easier. Today we tell you how to become a safe and experienced driver. Take note! 서울운전연수

Adjust your mirror before you start

Even those who have started their driving training lessons do not always remember to adjust the side mirrors. When they are not adjusted correctly, you lose visibility of much of the road. You won’t be able to see the car in the next lane and could even have an accident. 

To avoid any risk, adjust your side mirrors before you start your journey. And to be absolutely sure, you can do a test. When you have a car parked nearby, move the car in reverse and check that you don’t lose sight of it. This is the only way you will know that they are properly adjusted. 일산운전연수

Know the position of the tires

Do you know why you should know the position of the tires? It’s simple, to avoid bumps in the road and prevent scratches on the rims.

For the moment, you can practice with a plastic bottle. Crush it well and place it on the pavement. Then drive over it several times with the front tires. Repeat this trick until you learn to discover the location of the tires. In no time, you will know where they are, even without seeing them.

Make the most of driving training lessons

If you want to get the most out of your driving training lessons you must practice. There are no magic formulas for becoming an expert behind the wheel. The only way is constant practice. Rely on the guides and don’t hesitate to consult your mentor if a question arises.

What about driving training tutorials?

On the web, you can get valuable material to complement what you have seen in your driving training practice. On social networks, you also get endless tutorials to nurture your learning. Take advantage of the available material and you will see how fast you advance. 

Before parking, look in the mirror

When you park in front of a curb, look in the side mirror and stop when you see the curb just below.  This prevents you from scratching your car since the distance between the curb and your vehicle will be minimal. 

If you are going to park parallel to the curb, park in reverse. This way you will be able to see the trajectory through the mirror and maintain a precise distance between your car and the curb.

Driving Training: Dry your brakes after entering a puddle.

Even if you fall into the smallest puddle, break slowly and overtake slowly. Always be careful not to come to a complete stop. 

Once you have exited, dry your brakes as follows: press the brake repeatedly at a sustained speed. The friction generated causes the water to evaporate quickly.

Pay attention to the car in front of you

During the trip do not let your guard down. Always watch the car in front of you and don’t be careless with those ahead of you. Watch for large vehicles. If you see them avoiding a lane, there may be an obstacle. Remember that these drivers have better vision.

If the engine fails, rely on the lights

This trick is often repeated in driver training courses: if the engine fails, turn on your lights.

Generally, during the winter, the engine does not start easily. If this happens, turn on the flashing lights so that the battery warms up. It also works by turning on the radio or interior lights.

The parking brake exists

driving training with teacher

The handbrake is often forgotten by both novice and experienced drivers. To keep it in good working order, use it frequently, even if you are not parking on high ground.

If the car in front of you brakes, do the same

Another trick that will help you gain driving skills is to keep an eye on what is happening on the road. If you see the driver in front of you braking, do the same. Even if you think there is no obstacle on the road, it is better to start braking.

Finally, it is important not to focus only on driving. Remember to maintain your car properly to ensure your safety and the safety of others. With these tips and your driving training lessons, there is no way to fail. Have a good trip!